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DJ Apollo Friday Night Mixtape
DJ Apollo The After Party

DJ Apollo Monday chillout

Friday 8pm - 10pm: Friday Night Mixtape

Friday 12am - 2am: The After Party 

Monday 8pm - 10pm: Chillout mix

"Here comes the man, the big boss man". DJ Apollo brings you some of the best club tunes from Ibiza and around the world. From 8pm Club Piran takes over the Piran airwaves, starting with the legendary Friday night mixtape. Two hours, no breaks, all mixed up, kicking you off and setting you up to party for the weekend. DJ Apollo's motto enjoy and play loud.


DJ Apollo returns to the decks every Friday at midnight and slows down the tempo with The After Party. Two hours of chilled out music to finish your night.

Every Monday evening from 8pm, DJ Apollo brings you the best in chillout tunes for a couple of hours, no chat, no jingles, all music, all pure chilled.

DJ Apollo Friday Night Mixtape: Service
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